Managed Services​ ​

Managed Services

Businesses are facing increasing challenges from advancement in technology, newer methods of marketing and growing customer expectation. There is a great need for organizations to innovate and transform themselves to align with today’s environment. Managed Services enables your organization to outsource your IT systems and services to get fast, scalable and reliable support. It frees your leaders and employees to focus on your core business.

As your Managed Services Provider we take care of all your IT needs. By adopting managed services, you embrace a systematic way of managing your IT processes efficiently, cost-effective, and in real-time. We help you acquire new technology so that you stay up-to-date. Our services enable you to increase productivity, reduce cost and improve the quality of your products and services.

  • Focus on your Core Business
  • By allowing us to serve your organization, you are freed from monitoring so many activities because we will manage them for you. As your Managed Services Provider, we will take 100% responsibility for monitoring the agreed activities to make sure there are no mistakes. We use advanced software tools for ticketing, tracking and monitoring while ensuring the confidentiality of information. We are confident of meeting the SLAs by providing 24*7 support through our skilled, experienced & trained service professionals.
  • Transparent work processes, data security and protection, flexible support offering, remote support, scheduled backup support, lower response time, faster resolution are the cornerstones of our Managed Services. Feedback surveys enable us in improving our processes continuously and are a part of our effort in building confidence and achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.​

Our Managed Services Portfolio

  • Service Desk - Providing a service desk and required software tools for managing service tickets related to incidents, problems, change, implementing patches and new software releases, preventive maintenance, password reset and asset management.​
  • Maintenance - Troubleshooting IT hardware, peripherals, operating systems, software applications either on-site or through remote support.​
  • Service Management - Managing end-user devices, servers, storage, networking and operating systems. Taking overall responsibility for the performance of IT operations, including backup and restore, antivirus management, and vendor management.
  • Resource Deployment - Providing dedicated resources for project management, service desk, on-premises support of hardware and software, managing cloud applications, ensuring information security, and system and network administration.
  • Reporting - Providing scheduled reports on tickets, response time, resolution time, incidences, problems, change, IMAC, asset management, implementation of patches and new software releases, preventive maintenance, IMAC, OS version control, SLA, TAT and satisfaction index.​
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