Professional IT Services​

  • Eagle provides professional services in designing, execution and maintenance of virtualization solutions using VMWare technology. Whether a new implementation or up scaling of digital transformation under InPrem, Hybrid or cloud based needs.​​
  • With vast experience of servicing customers across the country, Eagle is an able service partner to support your success in the Technology virtualization.​​
  • Services Offered​​
  • VMware Planning and Consultation​​
  • VMware vSphere & Cloud Deployment​​
  • VMware VM Backup Support​​
  • VMware Physical to Virtual Migration Support​​
  • vCenter Server Management​​
  • VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure​​
  • Implementation & Deployment Services​​
  • ESXi Hosting : Deployment of the VMware ESXi™ of virtualization solution according to the Customer environment.​​
  • vCenter Infrastructure Implementation: Customized of VMware vCenter Server® infrastructure according to a VMware standard architecture.​​
  • vSphere Network Infrastructure Implementation : Deployment of the core network configuration for the virtualization solution.​​
  • vSphere Storage Infrastructure Implementation: Deployment of the storage infrastructure for the virtualization solution.​​
  • High Availability Implementation: Deployment of the VMware vSphere High Availability (HA) feature for the virtualization solution.​​
  • DPM for the virtualization solution according to a VMware standard architecture.​​
  • Virtual Machine Implementation: Deployment of the virtual machine configurations for the virtualization solution according to a VMware standard architecture.​​
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